I. : O cortiço chapter by chapter

capitolo 1 capitolo 2 capitolo 3 capitolo 4 capitolo 5 capitolo 6 capitolo 7 capitolo 8 capitolo 9 capitolo 10 capitolo 11 capitolo 12
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Chapter by chapter with translation and sound paragraph by paragraph..

II. Audio Book, only sound

sound 1 sound 2 sound 3 sound 4 sound 5 sound 6 sound 7 sound 8 sound 9 sound 10 sound 11 sound 12
sound 13 sound 14 sound 15 sound 16 sound 17 sound 18 sound 19 sound 20 sound 21 sound 22 sound 23

In order to play the sound files in an mp3-capable device, all files in the audio_book folder must be transferred to a folder on that device. The files are sorted alphanumerically, mp3-capable devices unwind one file after the next. Whether the device remembers where it stopped depends on the device. If only this section is to be played on a tablet / smartphone, it is sufficient to copy the audio_book folder. It is spoken extremely slowly. This is a recording optimized for EDUCATIONAL purposes.

The chapters are read in one go.

III. Comment on O Cortiço

IV. The entire work as continuous text

The entire work as continuous text. If you want to read the novel in one go in PORTUGUESE, you can download it here: O cortiço.

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