19.10.3 logo therefore, hence

We know already the conjunction logo que, as soon as. The conjunction logo que is a temporal conjunction and requires the subjunctive, see 19.2. However in this case it is logo que and not logo.

Logo can be translated with therefore and hence. This author would say that hence describes a consequence and therefore a cause and that this is not always the same thing, but the difference is subtle and logo corresponds to both.


logo therefore / hence
Não estudou, logo não passou na prova.
He didn't study, therefore he didn't passed in the exam.
He didn't study, hence he didn't passed in the exam.
As árvores balançam, logo está ventando.
The trees are swinging, hince it is windy.
É desatento, logo não pode dirigir veículos.
He is inattentive, therefore he can't drive a car.
He is inattentive, hence he can't drive a car.

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