19.10.4 assim therefore / hence / thus

We already know assim as a temporal conjunction, in this case however there is a que, assim que. As a temporal conjunction the meaning is assim que.

Eu te informo assim que tiver alguma novidade.
I inform you as soon as I get new information.

Assim is transparennt, the basic meaning is so / thus and used as conjunction it means exactly that.

(e) assim so dass folglich
Têm que trabalhar e estudar à noite, assim não têm tempo para outras coisas.
They have to work and to study at night, thus they don't have time for other things.
Nova Zelândia não está na mesma plataforma continental e assim não faz parte do continente australiano.
New Zealand is not situated on the same continental shelve and doesn't belong therefore to the australian continenent.

Assim can be found in different construction, however all of them are transparent, in other words the meaning can be deduced by a word by word translation.

assim in other contexts
Lancharam, ainda assim sentia vontade de comer mais.
He already had dinner, but he was still hungry.
Ainda não se conhecem as causas da endometriose*, assim como não se conhece a cura.
The causes of endometriose are unknow and there is no treatment.
Foram presos jornalistas, assim como sindicalistas activos.
The active trade unionists as well as the jornalists were arrested.
Isso assim não faz sentido nenhum.
This way it doesn't make any sense.

* Endometriose illness of the uterus

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