8.2. exercise

In the following exercise the masculine / feminine form is given. Put in the boxes the corresponding feminine, adjective and noun, form. (Since there is no distinction in nationalities in english, the happy brasilian can be a man or a woman, we added man / woman in the translation. Furthermore the indefinite article a doesn't have a plural form in English. We translated with some.)

the rich Brasilian man => the rich Brasilian woman
o brasileiro rico a
the rich Brasilian men => the rich Brasilian women
os brasileros ricos as
the happy Portuguese man => the happy Portuguese woman
o português feliz a
the happy Portuguese men => the happy Portuguese women
os portugueses felizes as
the happy German man => the happy German woman
o alemão contente a
the happy German men => the happy German women
os alemães contentes as
the open society => the open societies
a sociedade aberta as
the tragic ending => the tragic endings
o fim trágico os
a French song => some French songs
uma canção francesa umas
a curious man => some curious men
um homem estranho uns
an intelligent decision => some intelligent decisions
uma decisão inteligente uns
an inacceptable position => some inaccetable positions
uma posição inaceitavel umas
a pleasant temperature => some pleasant termperatures
a temperatura agradável as
a wild animal => some wild animals
um animal feroz uns
a blue pencil => some blue pencils
um lápis azul uns
a nice country => some nice countries
um país lindo uns
a big advantage => some big advantages
uma vantagem grande umas
a long trip => some long trips
uma viagem longe umas
a proud mother => some proud mothers
a mãe orgulhosa as
the taciturne father => the taciturne fathers
o pai calado os
the green apple => the green apples
a maçã verdeas

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