28.9.1 exercise: qualquer, alguém, algum, cada

The difference between qualquer, alguém, algum and cada doesn't represent any problem from a practical point of view. However if people were asked about the differences, a lot of people would have trouble to describe the differences. That's the same thing in English. English native speakers would never confuse "Someone wants to talk with you" and "Anyone wants to talk with you". It is obvious that the second sentence is wrong or at least it is very difficult to find a context that fits with this sentence, but it is difficult to explain why this sentence sounds strange.

Qualquer (anybody), alguém (somebody), cada um (everybody) are all indefinite pronouns, but they stressses on different aspects. Qualquer means that everbody arbitrarily can be the executor or the goal of an action. Alguém simply refers to someone unknown and everybody is used if everybody is the executorr or goal an action.

Decide in the following sentences which is the correct option. It is possible that various options are possible, choose the one that corresponds to the English sentence.
1 They are able of any cruelty, any crime.
Eles são capazes de qualquer crueldade, ---- crime.
algum qualquer cada

2 Mannequin is a profession as any other.
Manequim é uma profissão como outra ----.
algum qualquer cada

3 They can be anywhere in the city.
Podem estar em ---- ponto da cidade.
cada algum qualquer

4 I suppose she will meet somebody important.
Acho que ela quer encontrar ---- importante.
algum qualquer pessoa alguém

5 I am looking for someone who works here.
Procuro ---- que trabalhe aqui.
qualquer pessoa cada um alguém

6 I know someone who is interested in that.

Conheço ---- que pode estar interessado.
algum um alguém

7 You should get older with someone and not because of someone.
Deve envelhecer com ----, não por alguém.
qualquer pessoa algum alguém

8 Let's see than if there is one left.
Então vejamos se ainda resta ----.
alguém algum cada

9 We only want to know if you have seen one of these man.
Só queremos saber se viu ---- deles.
alguém algum cada um

10 Any dark coloured kid from Bahia who gets a diploma is for me a title honoris causa.
---- menino de pele escura da Bahia que recebeu o seu diploma é o meu título de Honoris Causa.
Qualquer Cada Algum

11 I have a work for you.
E tenho ---- trabalho para ti.
qualquer algum cada

12 Use one of the following techniques.
Utiliza-se ---- das seguintes técnicas.
alguma uma qualquer


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