25.3.1 exercise: fraction numbers

Until ten the latin ordinal numbers are used as fraction numbers. Beyond ten the use of these ordinal numbers is theoretically possible, but actually hopeless, because very quickly these ordinal numbers become monster numbers.

Beyond ten -avo is, with some irregularities, added to the cardinal numbers. It is unclear where the suffix -avo comes from. Perhaps it has to do with the latin octavus. Possibly 1/8, 2/8, 3/8 etc. where the first fraction used and people startet to confuse octavus with fraction in general and in the course of history it was reduced to avo.

In Spanish the -avo forms are used as fraction numbers and ordinal numbers, in Portuguese the -avo forms are only used for fractions.

Translate the following sentences.

How much is two third from nine?

1947 three quarters of the population lived under the poverty threshold..

He spent two sixth of his money and 140 Reais were left. How much money did he have before he spent it?

From the 40 Reais of my pocket money I spent 6/10 to buy a book. Hoch much did the book cost?

If a candidate fulfills one hundredth of that what he has promised, he is considered a good politician.

One half, two quarter and four eigthth are equivalent.

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