25.3.2 exercise: ordinal numbers

Ordinal number beyond ten are rarely needed. In practice we see them for instance if the death or the anniversary of a historically important person is celebrated. However the ordinal numbers, as nouns and adjectives, has to comply in number and gender with the noun they refer to.

If they are used as a noun, the corresponding article has to be used.

Choose the right option in the following sentences.

The first human beings on earth were black and no white face was seen anywhere.
homens na terra eram negros, e não se via um único rosto branco.
The first women who dares to do this step were socially isolated.
mulheres que ousaram a dar esse passo foram socialmente segregadas.
We are not the first and we won't be the last.
Não somos não seremos os últimos.
First of all I well invest in my education as my parents told me.
quero investir na minha formação, como os meus pais me ensinaram.
The third place is not what we want.
lugar não é o que queremos.
Why are mondays so hated.
Por que detestamos tanto -feiras?
First of all I am never wrong and in case that I am wrong, the first rule applies.
, eu nunca erro. Segundo, se eu errar, volte para a primeira regra.

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