22.7. por que why

There are four different ways to write why in Portuguese por que / porque / por quê / porquê, wherin for the interrogative adverb why exists two different ways to write it, por que, Brasil and porque Portugal. In other words it can be written separately or written in one word. In one or the other side of the world it is always correct. This seems a reasonable approach to this author.

por que / porque warum
por que = why (Brasil)
Por que chegaste atrasado?*
porque = why (Portugal)
Porque chegaste atrasado?*

* Why did you come late?

porque = since
Não foi ao treino porque não se sentia bem.
He didn't go to the training because he didn't feel well.
In some cases a question can be introduced with because.
Porque choveu muito não foste à praia?
Because it rained a lot you didn't go to the beach?
por quê = At the end of a sentence, because then the e is stressed.
Você não quer descobrir por quê?
You don't want to know why?
porquê = Why if used as a noun. (translation with reason)
Não entendo o porquê da rejeição.
I don't understand the reason of this rejection.

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