22.6 como how

The interrogative adverb como corresponds to the English interrogative adverb how, in some rare cases how and why are interchangeable, although this is not the case in general.

1) How do you do that?
2) Why do you do that?

In this case they are obviously not interchangeable. 1) asks how something is realised and 2) asks why it is realised. However in some cases the difference can vanish.

How does he know that?
Why does he know that?

In both cases the answer would be the same. He knows it for instance because someone has told it to him.

In the case that the sentence is ambiguous one can use por que (Brasil) and porque (Portugual).

How did you do that?
Como fizeste isso?
Why did you do that?
Por que fizeste isso?

For "why not" however we find very often, even in translations in grammar books, "Como não?", why not.

como how
Como fazer sua pr�pria pizza sem gastar muito e sem sair de casa?
How to make a pizza oneself without spending a lot of money and without leaving the house?
Como sabes isto?
How do you know that?
Como n�o sentir inveja dos outros?
How not to be jealous of others?
Como posso encontrar a confirma��o da minha reserva?
How can I get a confirmation for my reservation?

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