19.11.5 conforme in accordance with (preposition)

The best translation of the Portuguese conjunction conforme is with the English preposition in accordance. In other words, there is no English equivalent. If conforme is used as a conjunction, if it is used to introduce a subordinate sentence, the sentence has to be restructured in the English translation.

Conforme can introduce a subordinate clause.

conforme as a conjunction
Fiz o bolo conforme ensina a receita.*
I made the cake in accordance to the description in the recipe.
Conforme ia passando o tempo, meu corpo cansava cada vez mais.
To the extent the time advanced, my body got more and more tired.

* To understand the difference. In the Portuguese sentence there is a verb, ensina, it is therefore a subordinate clause and conforme a conjunction. In the English translation there is no verb and in accordance to is a preposition.

conforme as a preposition
O acerto trabalhista foi feito conforme o combinado.
The pay roll was done in accordance with the agreements.
Eles far�o tudo conforme o combinado.
They will do it in accordance to what have been fixed.

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