19.10.1 por isso therefore

The conjunction por isso belongs to the conjunctions that are transparent. Por isso corrsponds to therefore in English, although in the English therefore the pronoun is already integrated. If we want to be presices, por isso is a conjunctional pronoun, because as the English therefore it refers to something, is therefore a pronoun as well. The Portuguese construction is more transparent than the english version, because isso is a demonstrative pronoun. It refers to the idea expressed in the main clause.

por isso therefore
Estudei muito por isso mereço passar.
I have studied a lot, therefore I deserve to pass the exam.
Estava preparada para a prova, portanto não fiquei nervosa.
I have been prepared for the exam, therefore I was not nervous.
Você me ajudou muito; terá, pois sempre a minha gratidão.
You helped me a lot you can therefore always be assured of my gratitude.

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