12.3.1 exercise: formation of the imperfeito do conjuntivo

The context the imperfeito do conjuntivo is used is the same the presente do conjuntivo is used. The only difference is that the imperfeito do conjuntivo describes a non-reality in the past that was judged in a positive or negative way in the past. Furthermore it is used in conditional clauses II; if the condition necessary for the realization of the action described in the main clause is possible, but not very probable. Concerning the context it is used see 12.2.1. It is formed buy taking away the ending of the third person plural of the preteirito perfeito simple, -ram, and adding the corresponding endings, -sse, -sses, -sse, ssemos, -ssem. The third person plural of the preteirito perfeito simples is given. Conjugate the the following verbs.

dormir => eles dormiram => to sleep
fazer =>eles fizeram => to do
elles estiveram => to stay
ver => eles viram => to see
sentir => eles sentiram => to feel
ter => eles tivessem => to have
deixar => eles deixaram => to let
lavar => eles lavaram => to wash
ganhar => eles ganharam => to win

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