7.2 Substitution of the possessive adjectives by de + ele /ela / eles / elas

We put aside the question whether the construction de + ele / ela / eles / elas complies with the standard or normative grammar. It is a matter of fact that this construction is very common. This construction is useful, because it is more precise than the possessive pronouns seu, sua, seus, suas,that can refer to a man or a woman, to a group of men and a group of women.

É a sua casa.
possible meaning: This is his house. 3. singular, masculine
This is her house. 3.singular, feminine
This is their house. 3 plural, masculine
This is their house. 3 plural, feminine

The problem is that in all roman languages the gender and number of the possessive pronoun, possessive adjective is determined by the the thing possessed and not by the possessor. Therefore the gender and number of the possessor get lost.

This ambiguity can be avoided by contruction with de + ele / ela / eles / elas.

É a casa dele. 3. singular, maskuline
É a casa dela. 3. singular, feminine
É a casa deles. 3. plural, maskuline
É a casa delas. 3. plural, feminine

Substitute in the following sentences the ambiguous possessive adjective / pronouns by de + ele - ela - eles - eles. Which form is to be used is indicated, 3rd person singular masculine for instance is ele. In the case of the 2nd person singular we have to use você (de você).

3 person singular, masculine
Gosto de seu estilo.
Gosto do estilo .  
I like his style.
3 person plural, feminine
Eu conheço o seus corações.
Eu conheço os corações .  
I know their hearts.
3. person singular, feminine
Você está tomando café com a sua família.
Você está tomando café com a família .  
You are drinking coffee with her family.
2. person singular brasilianischer Standard
Espero ter dissipado as suas preocupações.
Espero ter dissipado as preocupações .  
I hope I was able to dispel your worries.
3. person, plural, masculine
O que fazer com as suas milhares de fotos?
O que fazer com as milhares de fotos ?  
What to do with all their thousand fotos?
2.person, plural
Dessa maneira posso aprender com os seus erros.

Dessa maneira posso aprender com os erros .

That's how I can learn from your mistakes.

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