5.1 Choose the right solution

Note that prepostion + article are used as well to mark the indirect object, a, or the genitive, de.

Furthermore it is useful to see, in order to avoid confusions, that the article and the personal pronouns as a direct object have the same form.

A Maria linda.
(The) Maria is beautiful.
I see her.

The first a, in yellow, is an article feminine singular. The second a, in orange, is a pronun, direct object feminine singular. We don't care right now that a personal pronoun, in opposite to any other roman language, stand after the verb, we will discuss this issue later.

o article singular masculine + pronoun third person singular masculine direct object
a article singular feminine + pronoun third person singular feminine direct object
os article Plural masculine + pronoun third person plural masculine direct object
as article Plural feminine + pronoun third person plural feminine direct object

Furthermore one should see that a / as (preposition) + a article / pronoun fuse to à, às. This accent is not a diacritical sign, has nothing to do with the pronunciation. It has a purely grammatical function.

In the example we provide the gender, although it is not necessary in most cases, because words ending in a are feminine in general, words ending in o are masculine.

casas feminine
As janelas casas s�o fechadas.
The windows of the houses are closed.

mulheres is feminine (in case that someone doubts that women are feminine)
Porquen�o damos mulheres o tratamento que elas merecem?
Why not give to the women the treatment that they deserve.
Why we don't give the women the treatment they deserve.

jardim masculine
As mulheres est�o jardim.
The women are in the garden.

rua feminine
Um menino caminha rua.
A boy goes through the street.
A boy walks down the street.

homens masculine (in case that someone doubts that men are masculine)
As mulheres s�o iguais homens.
The women are equal to men.
Men and women have equal rights.

pais masculine
pa�ses subdesenvolvidos a infraestrutura insuficiente.
In the countries underdeveloped the infrastructure is insufficient.
In underdeveloped countries the infrastructure is insufficient.

partido masculine
Emerge como o favorito para a nomea��o seu partido.
Emerges as the favorite for the nomination of the his party.
He is considered the favorite candidate for the nomination of his party.

escola feminine
Vejo um aumento do clima de viol�ncia escolas.
See an increase of the clima of violence in the schools.
I see that the clima of violence at schools increases.

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