4.4. exercise: Fusion preposition and indefinite article

The fusion of de / em with the indefinite article is possible in SPOKEN language on both sides of the atlantic. Concerning the fusion of em + indefinite article in written language there are caveats in Brasil and concerning the fusiion of de + indefinitive articles there are strong caveats in Brasil. In Portugal the fusion of em + indefinite article is the standard and the fusion of de + indefinite article accepted. Summary: The contraction is, apart from the fusion of em + indefinite in Portugal, optional. (This author assumes that originally the fusion was common, because it is still common in Galician, the language Portuguese steems from.)

In this exercise we presume that the fusion is done. Chose the right option.

Fala-me coisa que me faça sorrir.
Tell me something that brightens me up.
Sabia, que a doença aparecia cidades e não em outras.
He knew that the disease only spread in some cities, but not in others.
Não se pode explorar os trabalhadores países, enquanto na Europa se protegem os seus direitos.
One cannot exploit the workers in other countries while protecting their right in Europe.
Gosto de estar sentada jardím.
I like to seet in the garden.

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