Summary nasale monophthongs

Phonem is a sound, graphem is the presentation of this sound in writing. The English sound i for instance has several graphems easy, equal and India. At the other side several phonems can have the same graphem. The english th for instance can be voiced and unvoiced, but in in both cases the graphem is th.

The list above shows all the nasale vowels.

IPA sign examples ton
[ɐ̃] grande = big
[ɐ̃] maçã = apple
[ẽ] ensaio = attempt
[ĩ] importante = important
[ĩ] fim = end, vim (I come)
[ĩ] lindo = beautiful
[õ] rombro = leak
[õ] tonto = silly
[ũ] um = on
[ũ] sunga = trunks

However em / en are only pronounced as a vowel if they are not followed by a vowel.

If the monophthong is represented by a combination of a / e / i / o / u/ + m / n the m / n is slightly audible. Sometimes very slightly. If it represents a diphtong m / n is completely substituted by a semivocal and is not audible.

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