28.6. outro other, the other one

Outro can be used as an adjective, "The other car was faster", and as a pronoun, "The other one is better". Obviously, as todo, muito, pouco etc. it has to comply in number and gender with the noun it refers to or the noun it stands for.

outro / outra / outros / outras pronoun
Nem quero pensar no que a outra fez.
I don't want to remember what the other did.
Um sem o outro não fazem sentido.
This without that doesn't make sense.
Parece que as outras não chegam.
It seems that the others won't come.
Os outros não eram assim.
The others were not like that.
outro / outra / outros / outras adjectiv
Não temos tempo para cavar outro túnel.
We don't have the time to dig another tunnel.
Não faz mal procurar outra opinião.
It doesn't hurt to get a second opinion.
Não quero outros oito meses como aqueles.
I don't want eight month more like these.
Estamos de serviço outras duas horas.
We are in service two hours more.

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