11.5. 1 regular verbs in imperfeito

Beside three verbs all the verbs in imperfeito are regular. The endings of the verbs in infinitive, -ar, -ir, -er are left out and to what remains, the stem, we ad ava, -avas, -ava, -ávamos, avam to verbs ending in ar and und -ia, -ias, -ia, -iamos, -iam to the verbs ending in -ir and -er.

Concerning the use English native speakers should be aware that the English past tense, I went, can be used for an accomplished action in an accomplished past. That is not possible in Portuguese. A sentence like "Last year I bought a car" has to be translated with the pretérito perfeito simples, see 9.1. Conjugate the following verbs in imperfeito.

falar to speak
pagar to pay
dormir to sleep
ouvir to hear
querer want
saber to know
ir to go
fazer to make
dizer to say
poder can
dar to give

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